This is from when Star was part of Milo's crime syndicate. Note: this is so not for kids under the age of consent and all the names and characters belong to Jesse Hajicek. - Genevieve Johnston

I know he has been watching me. He has ever since I was hired to kill Chuck Barton as my initiation. Milo had been watching, I could feel it. I saw the look in his eyes when I returned after that first job, lust. It's something you learn working the streets, to just make enough money to keep the hunger from driving you crazy. I feel him before I actually hear him, I say, "What the hell are doing in my room?" I hear him laugh I look over to see him standing against the wall by the bedroom door and I stand from the bed. He smiles. "Oh Star, I think you're fully aware why I'm here," and walks toward me.


Star gasped as he was pressed against the wall, hips pressed hard against his pinning him there. Milo leaned drown to press his lips hungrily against Star's, a small sound of pleasure escaping as the taller man as Star started to returned the kiss just as eagerly.

Milo forced his leg between his shorter lover's legs, his thigh pressing firmly against the evidence of Star's arousal. He smirked as the boy moaned and rocked his hips forward, thin hands coming up to clench at his shirt. Growling low in his throat, the taller man pushed forward, lips moving down to devour Star's neck.

"Hmm Star, you taste divine." The boy gasped, one hand coming up to thread in Milo's hair, holding him there. Milo knew all his sensitive spots; the crime lord demon took immense pleasure in that, exploiting his knowledge to drive his lover insane. 'He will break the boy, he had to own him' he thought to him self as bit into the flesh under his mouth, it would bruise nicely. He was suddenly pushed away by Star. "Why did you do that, asshole?" as he put his hand over the mark then raised it to his eye level. "You drew blood." Disbelief filling his voice. "Get out, now!"

Milo smiled. "No, Star, I know you know I wanted for more than killing nuisances, and I always get what I want." He steps toward Star and Star tries to step back but he is already at the wall and instead looks Milo in eye and sees Milo's pupils have gone opaque. Milo holds Stars head so he is forced to stay looking at him. "Star, you are mine and I will not have anyone else touching you, that is why I marked you. Don't worry I'll only do it once every time it disappears. This is when it has lost it's power." He laughs at Star's dazed look. "I'll let you out of this spell after you're beyond caring." Milo then runs his hands over Stars shirtless tummy, traveling up his sides as he moves his lips downwards, pausing to nibble at Star's collarbone. The boy moaned softly and rocks against him, his hands lax at his sides and starts gasping while the spell dissipates.

Milo worships the boy's body, hands continuing their slow exploration of Star's stomach and chest as his lips returned to kissing and nibbling his neck and shoulder. Star giving into the feeling. 'So he bit me, made me bleed little... so what? I've had a lot worse.' Star having no conscious knowledge of what Milo said while under Milo's spell. Star manages to get the fastenings undone on Milo's shirt and pushes it open, he ran his hands up Milo's chest, caressing the firm muscles and delighting as they fluttered under his touch. He smirked as he rubbed his thumbs over Milo's nipples, the smirk growing wider as Milo gasped.

"Stop distracting me," The taller man muttered against his neck, licking at the bit one last time before glancing up at him.

"Am I?" Star replied innocently, repeating the action and chuckling as Milo groaned. "Guess so."

Milo growls and grabs Star's hands, pushing them above his head and holding them there. He grinned as Star tries to pull free. "Can't distract me now, can you?" He teased, leaning forward to kiss him softly.

"That's cheating," Star replies, mock-glaring at his lover.

"All's fair in love and war, Star." Milo chuckled, kissing him again. Making sure Star's hands were firmly held in one of his, he brought the other down to pull at the strings holding Star's pajama pants up. "And you've been teasing me since Tuesday, so I think this is very fair..."

Star rolled his eyes. "I wasn't teasing you."

"Oh?" Getting the strings untied, he let the loose pants fall, taking a moment to admire the flesh revealed. The cold air, well not really cold but cold without clothes on, hit Star's lower body quickly making him shiver, though not only with the temperature change. "Well, we must have different definitions of teasing." Milo continued, pulling a small tube from his pocket.

"Apparently so," Star snorted, eyeing the tube. "I've been just doing my job, cleaning up the nuisances, as you called them."

Milo smile down at him. "I know you recognized the looks I was giving you, you would brush your hair out of eyes in such an alluring way," as he pushes Star onto the bed and ties his hand to the post and finishes pulling off Star's pajama pants and throwing them to the side.

Star laughs. "You're full of shit." He tests the strength of the ties... 'He's serious.'

Milo runs his hand up Stars body to his neck and into his hair. "I love your hair, you're never to cut it." He stands back drinking in Stars body. He places the tube on the end of the bed and takes off his own pants.

Star smiles up at Milo. "Why don't you untie my hands, I don't play these kinds of games."

Milo runs his hand down Star's cheek. "Oh but you will for me, my sweet Star." Star stared at Milo as he crawled on top, not touching, but on his hands and knees hovering and dominating over the boy. Milo smirked as his mouth descended back to the bite and lick it, causing Star to wince at the sting it caused. Milo pushed Star's legs apart and knelt between them while reaching out to take the thick organ into his hand. He stroked the skin lightly; purposefully not adding the pressure he knew was required.

Star glared at Milo his body bucking with out his consent, feelings of inpatience flowing though him. " Just do it already."

Milo smiled and "hummed" then bent down and flicked his tongue over the head of Star's erection, drawing a strangled moan from the boy. He gave it a few more teasing swipes then took it into his mouth, sucking lightly. His hands held Star's hips in place, which was no small feat with how much his body was thrashing. Milo bobbed his head, careful not to take in enough to actually do anything except frustrate Star more.

Star was straining. "You're such an ass."

Milo pulled back for a moment and smiled at Star trying to control his panting and he grabbed up the tub again. Lubricating his fingers, he pushed Star's legs apart a little bit more then slid his fingers under the boy's body. He pushed two inside of him, drawing a gasp from him. He pulled them out then pushed in again, scissoring them apart some. He then added a third finger pushing in deeper, brushing the bundle of nerves making Star's body jump. Milo then lubricated himself pulled Star's legs around his waist and pushed into Star fully. He had to take a moment to adjust to Star's tight heat before he lost it completely, he leaned close to Star's ear, panting, "You're beautiful like this," then moved to kiss him as he untied his hands. His hand moved back tightened on Star's hips and he pulled out and slammed into him Star's hips rocking forward as he did.

Star broke the kiss and cried out as Milo hit that spot that drove him insane. Milo pushed Star into the mattress his thrusts coming faster and harder till Star let out a gasping cry and came and with a few more thrust Milo followed thrusting into Star till he is spent.

Milo lays for a while with Star's head lying on his shoulder. He runs his hand through Star's long red brown hair. "That was so nice Star, but I have business to attend to." He stands and gathers his discarded clothing and puts it back on.

Milo looked down at Star looking up at him tiredly panting slightly, he runs his hands though Star's hair again. "You'll move into my flat in the morning." Star opens his mouth but Milo puts his hand over it. "No arguments," he states then leaves out the door. Star takes the pillow and covers his face with it. "What have I gotten myself into?" Falling back to sleep he whispers air that only an angel could hear: "I think I could love him, and it scares me, Jaime."

The End

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