I love fanart so very very much! Email me the piece itself (I like 72 dpi jpg's best), or with a link I can download it from, and you will have made me a happy happy mangaka!

Listed from newest to oldest:

*Chibi Zan and Star's reaction thereto by Melee.*
*Some flowers and a little comfort from Genevieve.*
Dead Milo and smirking Star by Arrow.
Another sad Star, this time in color, from Alli.
Star and Changewind's Melukilan tastily pencilled, and Star and Zander gorgeously markered, by the god of my idolatry, Kagerou's Fireball. Oot!
Sad Star in snow, by the sensitive Alli.
Zander by Kara. What a fantastic inking job -- I mean, the shiny, ne?
Star and Zan and... well, what do you figure he's gonna name that? I'm thinking either Genghis or Fang. :D Muchas gracias to Lycorne, who groks my charas well.
Star in the graceful style of Vanessa Beach, artist of Chronos Pyrothea.
Star at work, beautifully CG'd by James Roden, artist of Requiem.
A wardrobe mixup that had me giggling for ten minutes solid, courtesy of Mamorumi.
The Metanoia cast by the generous JT. I mean... wow.
Star after an alley fight, and poor Jaime's soul on its way to torment, by Naniris, who draws the BEST DEMONS EVAR.
Fanart! Woohoo! This very first fanart is courtesy of Kara, whose gallery you really must see.

By the magnificent Rah:

*A hug she drew for me on a day when I really needed one. Words can't express how much I love this pic.*
Zan and Star with Melukilan, the marvellously lunatic protagonist of her comic Changewind.
"Promise me." I can smell snow and gun oil.
"Here, hold this." Zan gets to go clubbing after all.
A triptych of our boy and his lovely tormentors.
Three adorable Zanders
A wonderfully emotional pic of Star and Jaime.

By the hilarious Lory:

A misunderstanding gets cleared up...
Hiatus guest strips: Late night sushi, Coffee break, and Rescuing Milo.
Zander poses for a realistic pinup.

Valentine's '05 contest entries:

Halloween '04 contest entries:

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