You must read Kagerou. There is no argue, there is only read. Go. Do. People who don't read Kagerou won't be allowed into my postapocalyptic utopia. You think I'm kidding.
Another item of required reading. The fabulous just doesn't cease. I love the art style. I make punching gestures when I describe it to people.
Fantasy grooviness, with a kinda steampunk twist. Lotsa tasty guts 'n gore.
Set aside some time for reading this one. There's lots of it. I wish I could do grayscale this well.
A fully CG comic is unusual enough, but this one is art as well as craft; atmospheric, lovingly detailed, beautifully lit and colored. I adore his cityscapes. The plot is intelligent and engaging.
No vampires or assassins here -- just lovably ordinary high school kids living their lives, with all the adorable screwups that entails. Drawn simply and skillfully. No artificial 'cute' is necessary to make you want to grab up all the characters for a big hug.
A long-running, sharply drawn, well-plotted sci-fi series that will take you days to read. Make a mental note to devote your next slow afternoon to this comic.
Very amusing, and starting to develop a rather catchy plot as well. Just try to ignore the little scrolly text at the bottom of your browser window. It... moves... time for my meds!
A comic about gangs, weird drugs, and a pair of brothers who are as different as cherries and hand grenades. And I got a cameo in it, how cool is that? :D

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